Located approximately 135 km east of Bangkok, Prachin Buri has an area of about 4,762 sq km. As witnessed by archaeological remains of Muang Sri Mahosoth, Tambon Kok Peep, Amphur Sri Mahosoth and Baan Kok Khwang, Amphur Sri Maha Bodhi, the province dates as for back as the Dvaravati and Lob Buri Periods. Archaeological ruins, antiques, images of Buddha, idols, potteries, bronze wares and tools are widely found in these ancient cities.

Later in Ayudhya Period, the center of growth moved to the bank of Bang Pakong River (the present Prachin Buri). After the dissolution of Monthon in the reign of King Rama 6 of Bangkok, Muang Prachin became one of the country’s provinces.

The Province of Prachin Buri is administratively divided into seven districts (Amphur), namely Amphur Muang, Amphur Kabinburi, Amphur Prachantakham, Amphur Sri Maha Bodhi, Amphur Ban Sang, Amphur Na Di and Amphur Sri Mahosoth.