3. Wat Kaeo Phichit

Wat Kaeo Phichit,
Situated on the right bank of Bang Pakong River, Kaeo Phichit Rd, Nah Muang
Subdistrict (about 2 km. east of town), is the first Dhammayutta Nikaya temple of Prachin Buri. Built up in 1879 by Mrs. Pramoon Phokha (Kaeo Prasangsit), a wife of Khun Pramoon Phakdi, and renovated in 1918 by Phraya Abhaibhubejhr (Chum Abhaiwong), the temple houses Luang Phor Abphiwong, a principal Buddha Image and Ubosatha Hall wonderfully decorated with murals depicting previous lives of Lord Buddha, sculptures depicting the story of Ramayana, a Roman-style Vihara and Pali Scriptures Hall. With pleasant atmosphere, the monastery is open from 08.30 - 17.00 hrs. For more information, contact tel. 0 3721 2795.